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About Chiltonic

Chiltonic is a health company which focuses on proactive wellness services including cold therapy. We are San Diego’s first and leading cryotherapy providers. In addition to whole body and spot cryotherapy, we utilize the Cryo T-Shock technology to provide therapeutic facial and body massages as well body sculpting and fat removal. We are a Proactive Health Labs approved center and provide Vitamin Injections, IV Hydration as well as other tests such as Allergy, Toxins and Nutrition.

Our Team

Pauline J. Jose

Dr. Jose is a specialist in family medicine. She is also a clinical instructor at UCLA, Department of Family Medicine. She received her MD degree from the University of the East, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center in Manila, the Philippines and her BA degree from the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, the Philippines. Dr. Jose completed her residency in family medicine at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City.

Kyle Laws

Kyle is a millennial who has incorporated the pH lifestyle into his own life successfully to combat obesity, depression and drug addiction. He uses the knowledge he has gained to address these health issues to help others by writing about his experiences and being a life coach. Kyle also recruits businesses and other non-profits to work with pH Labs to ensure that American consumers are proactive about their health.

Joy Stephenson-Laws

I am so proud to be the president and founder of Proactive Health Labs because I am finally able to utilize the information that I have gained as a health care professional over the past 30 years to educate consumers about their health. In addition to my day-to-day leadership role with pH Labs, I am the founding and managing partner of Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman (SAC) the health care industry’s premier litigation law firm. I also am the co-founder and president of MoJo Marketing & Media, a boutique creative agency specializing in brand development and content creation, and of The Bili Project Foundation, a nonprofit organization that creates awareness of bile duct cancer and raises funds for research relating to this cancer. I received my B.A. from Loma Linda University in 1980 and Juris Doctor from Loyola University in 1983, and was admitted to the California Bar in 1984.

About Cyrotherapy

Are you familiar with athletes taking ice baths? They take these super cold baths to reduce swelling and tissue breakdown and increase circulation for a more speedy recovery after a grueling workout, practice or game. Usually these ice baths last anywhere from 6-8 minutes.

So I guess you could say whole-body cryotherapy, where you stand in a chamber filled with dry ice for 3 minutes in temperatures (usually below negative 200 degrees fahrenheit), is taking the concept of the ice bath to a whole other ‘comfortable’ level!

And the benefits are phenomenal. Whole-body cryotherapy speeds up injury recovery, relieves pain and soreness, reduces lactic acids, helps inflammation, decreases spasms, releases endorphins and improves range of motion.

Whole-body cryotherapy may also increase your levels of norepinephrine which in turn balances the cortisol levels in your body. This has the effect of improving your energy and mood.

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