Chiltonic was founded by professional athlete Matthew Bergman.

Having first used cryotherapy treatments at a three day event at a Spa in Del Mar, California, he was immediately excited about the beneficial effects he experienced. Matthew was an extreme sports athlete for 20 years, performing BMX freestyle shows nationwide, originally having come to California to perform at Sea World San Diego. He also performed at venues such as Six Flags and Disney California Adventure.

Over the course of his career he had many injuries some of which persist to this day. Having retired from performing he’s an avid surfer and plays ice hockey on the weekends. Here is a quote from an interview:

“It was after a weekend where I had played hockey on Saturday and gotten a little banged up and surfed that Sunday for a couple of hours. I tried the cryochamber that following week not knowing what to expect. I was a little sore and stiff, and had no real idea what I was in for.

It was cold…I surf the winters here [in San Diego] and it gets cold, so that wasn’t an issue… once I got out I warmed right up and felt absolutely exhilarated. It wasn’t until later that I realized I was much less sore. I slept well that night. I knew this was something that could help lots of people.”

Owner Matthew Bergman preforming a Mid-Air BMX Trick