Pain Relief And Injury Recovery Massages Available At Chiltonic!

By: Kyle Laws, Chiltonic

We have many modalities here at Chiltonic to help with pain relief and injury recovery. These include whole body cryotherapy, red light therapy as well as therapeutic massages.

One of these therapeutic massages is performed with a cryo -thermal wand. Within a short period of time -minutes – this massage has been shown to stimulate the natural process of pain reduction and activate anti-inflammatory processes.

Injury Recovery and Pain Relief

Reportedly, in a case study of  98 patients with muscle and tendon disorders, 72.5 percent reported a total reduction in pain and improved movement capability with 100 percent of participants reporting a positive perception of treatment.

The Cryo Thermal system, designed by Milan-based Pagani, is a one-of-a-kind modality. It utilizes a high-quality 150-watt Peltier cell that is capable of generating and subtracting heat transdermally, and is currently the only device on the market that is able to administer such rapid exchanges from hot to cold within the same applicator head.

The idea is to apply cold for a period of time which causes the blood vessels to narrow and then heat which causes the blood vessels to dilate.  This creates a pumping action which reduces inflammation – pushing it away from the injured area.

Heat and cold can be used on all injuries or sore body parts at any time and can provide significant pain relief.


  • Circulation Stimulation

The sudden shifts in temperature enhances blood flow. According to one source, “Thermotherapy expands the blood vessels, bringing more blood to that part of the body. Cryotherapy causes contraction, which limits swelling and inflammation. Switching between the two can give you the benefits of both while countering the downsides. Doctors often recommend this approach to treating injuries for this very reason. It is proof that hot and cold really can go well together.”

  • Inflammation Reduction

Apparently, our blood vessels “are not the only parts of your body that expand and contract with heat and cold.  Our  lymphatic vessels react the same way. This is important because the lymph vessels transport necessary much-needed lymph fluid. “This substance is rich in white blood cells. When you are at risk of infection or experiencing chronic pain, you will want as many of those as possible funneling into the affected area. ”

  • Relaxed Muscles and Joints

Many people have experienced the effect of placing an ice pack on stiff or aching muscles to help with pain. Similarly, the use of a heating pad on a stiff or aching muscle can release tension. So the question then becomes – “Why choose which one you should use? A blend of both can prove more helpful than each one on its own. The same goes for swollen joints, which can be a boon to people with arthritis. While alternating hot and cold therapy may not be able to heal that condition, it may help greatly with managing it.”


  • Exercise Treatment

“People with injuries and recurring pain are not the only ones who appreciate those same muscle-loosening effects we just mentioned. Athletes, gym rats, and workout enthusiasts use alternating hot and cold therapy to limber up before exercising and relax their bodies afterward. They often turn to contrast therapy in particular — a form of this treatment that primarily uses showers and baths. Better still, they can use it to treat injuries sustained from overexerting their muscles.”

Finally, another reason this cryothermal device is so effective is because it is just as cold as ice but does not ache or burn like ice.

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