How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Kyle Laws, Chiltonic 

How does cryotherapy work?  This is a frequent question we get from clients. We are San Diego’s first and leading cryotherapy providers  and we are always happy to educate our clients. Our years of experience in not only performing cryotherapy but also observing the positive benefits puts us in a unique position to enlighten our clients about this form of therapy.

The theory behind cryotherapy is that the freezing temperature experienced by your body sends signals to the brain which in turn triggers an emergency or survival mode.  This causes the body to constrict the blood flow in the extremities and send the blood supply to the innermost vital organs like the heart and the liver. While in this “emergency survival mode,”  all the body’s resources are activated. The body’s ability to self heal is enhanced. This is because your blood is being enriched with additional oxygen, hormones, enzymes and nutrients. All these are needed to survive under the extreme emergency created by the cryotherapy. Once you leave the cold environment, the newly enriched and less-toxic blood is flushed back into the rest of the body, including the extremities.

In order to protect the more temperature sensitive tissues such as hands and feet, clients must wear dry socks, slippers, and gloves.

Cryotherapy use is endorsed by many in the medical community. In fact, a survey of emergency physicians in Ireland found that 73% of consultants frequently “prescribe” cold as a treatment for inflammation, among other conditions.

As with any other medical therapy, cryotherapy is not appropriate for everyone. This is especially the case if you have unchecked blood pressure, any type of heart or lung disease, neuropathy, cold intolerance, Raynaud disease or hypothyroidism. You also may not be a good candidate for WBC if you have claustrophobia or diabetes.


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