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We're so happy you're here! At Chiltonic, your wellness is our passion. We strive to build a fun, friendly community regardless of your background. Athletes, parents & students are always welcome! Whether you're brand new & looking for a new way to achieve your goals or you're a seasoned weekend warrior looking for a place to recover, you're in the right place! Stop by and hang out with us!

What is Chiltonic?

Chiltonic is a top-of-the-line cold therapy center in Encinitas, CA. We help athletes from any background speed up their recovery, relieve pain and soreness, and get back to doing what they love, but we don't only cater to athletes! Although we are a cryotherapy clinic, we offer a range of other proactive wellness services including body sculpting & vitamin injections. Learn more about how we can improve your everyday wellness below!


Regaining a harmonious silhouette and reducing excess fat in ‘critical points’ is now possible, without a scalpel and with quick and long-lasting effects.


Cryo T-Shock is cryogenic and thermogenic treatment to reduce cellulite and undesired fat


Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy utilizes a cooling chamber to cool your body down, similar to an ice bath, reducing inflammation and offering a variety of benefits.


Celluma red LED light therapy devices use specific wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health


Your health & wellness is our top priority! Browse our full list of services or stop by and visit us!


“The back pain is gone and cryotherapy is now a regular part of my fitness routine, I go several times a week and have never felt better. I no longer need two days to recover from intense workout. An added benefit is marked improvement in my quality of sleep”

- Shaun H

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