Body Transformation In Just 30 Days at Chiltonic!

Quick Body Transformation For When We Need To Look Our Best!

There are those times when we need to attend an important event and it is necessary to look our best. A few events come to mind – a wedding, an important client event, a presentation, speech or a  high school or college reunion.

And as women, we try to look our best not necessarily because we want people to find us attractive, but because we have a more confident mindset when we look our best. We feel better about ourselves when we look our best and all these good feelings about ourselves usually translate to a better mood. Looking our best also helps us to be more successful in the workplace.

Luckily we have the modalities here at Chiltonic to make you look and feel your best with guaranteed results in just 30 days. Our Icoone and T-Shock devices have combined forces to create an exclusive new program unique to the aesthetics marketplace.  It is called the 30-Day Transformation – a guaranteed results plan.

The 30 Day Transformation Plan

1 T-Shock + 4 Icoones each week!

A Guaranteed Results Plan

  • Weekly T-Shock Sessions
  • 15 Icoone Roboderm Sessions

The Icoone lymphatic drainage increases the effectiveness of each T-Shock treatment which is why we can increase the T-Shock to weekly vs. every two weeks.

This combination of Icoone benefits (skin rejuvenation / lipolysis / lymphatic drainage) combined with cryolipolysis from the T-Shock guarantees quick results.

It is really worth a try. Contact us for more information.