Reducing pain and helping your athletic performance

Welcome to Chiltonic, where we specialize in temperature-controlled therapies like cryotherapy in order to encourage recovery and improve performance. Treatments like cryotherapy have been shown to reduce the symptoms of several conditions and improve the body’s performance in both athletics and everyday life. In our practice, cryotherapy has been proven as one of the most effective therapies to help with athletic performance. Get started with us today!

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Simply put, cryotherapy is the immersion of your body in ultra-cold temperatures for two-four minutes. In many cases, our patients experience results in as little as one treatment. However, you are able to experience the most from cryotherapy over the span of several treatments. Exposure to these cold temperatures is known to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and treat a number of conditions like chronic migraines.

How Does it Work?

Everyone has experienced the numbing sensation that is often accompanied by immersion in cold water or air for long periods of time. Cryotherapy aims to take that effect up a notch by exposing your body to intensely cold temperatures for short amounts of time. This exposure limits blood flow, reducing inflammation and limiting nerve pain. Over the span of several treatments, cryotherapy can help your body to recover more quickly from physical exertion and get you back into the gym quicker.


What We Use Cryotherapy to Treat

In the majority of cases, we utilize cryotherapy to help athletes recover from physical exertion and get them back in their sport of choice quicker. We also use it to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and help our patients to recover from overexertion. If you are looking for something to help you recover, get started with cryotherapy treatments today!