The application of cold alone — as in cryoliposis — has been shown to break down fat cells which can contribute to the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Thermal shock goes a step further and eliminates the cells from the body through lymphatic drainage for more immediate and effective results. Using alternating cycles of hot and cold, thermal shock kills fat cells and reverses the signs of cellulite by increasing blood flow and circulation, stimulating the production of collagen, and improving overall skin elasticity.

By using extreme cold to constrict blood vessels, thermal shock treatments are able to break down fat cells without damaging other tissues.  By alternating cold with hot temperatures, the non-invasive therapy kills subcutaneous fat cells and then expels them from the body, gradually eliminating the signs of cellulite and promoting a smooth skin surface.

In a case study of 92 women, aged 31 to 62 years old, 69 women saw a complete reduction in cellulite of the legs via thermal shock treatment across eight sessions.  19 women saw moderate improvement and only little or no improvement.

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