Red Light Therapy

Helping you to recover and improving your performance

At Chiltonic, we specialize in helping our patients achieve pain-free living. Whether you are an athlete looking to recover fast so you can perform at your best or a parent looking to achieve your fitness goals, we can help. Your wellness is our passion, and we aim to deliver on our promises! While we focus on top-of-the-line cold therapies, we also offer red light therapy to stimulate cellular recovery and regeneration. Find out more today!


While many of our treatments utilize temperature to help you recover, red light therapy uses infrared light to help stimulate cellular growth and regeneration. Exposure to this type of light can help your muscles, skin, and other parts of your body to heal quicker. Whether you are aware of it or not, each time you stress your body with physical activity, your muscles develop micro tears that need repairing. This is the muscular growth process, and red light therapy is thought to accelerate and improve your body’s natural response to stressors.

How Does It Work?

Within your cells are tiny organelles called mitochondria. You may remember these as being the “powerhouse” of the cell. The mitochondria are able to absorb the energy provided by the infrared light treatment and produce more energy for your body to utilize, improving recovery times and accelerating the growth needed for your body to repair itself. If you are someone looking for a faster recovery or stimulated skin and muscular improvements, red light therapy might be for you!


How Red Light Therapy Can Help You

While often used to inspire skin and wrinkle repair, red light therapy is also able to stimulate bone growth and recovery as well as soft tissue repair. If you are an athlete looking to strengthen your body or someone looking to improve physical performance overall, red light therapy in San Diego may be for you! It may also be a good choice for certain types of injuries to help trigger your body to heal. For more information, reach out to us today!