Celluma Light Therapy

Clearing up your skin and accelerating your healing process

At Chiltonic, we prioritize the wellness of our patients and provide them with treatments and therapies to improve performance and accelerate recovery. While we typically focus on cryogenic therapies and temperature-based treatments, we also offer services that utilize different forms of light to heal and relieve pain. Celluma light therapy is one of those treatments. For more information about this service, reach out to us today!


Utilizing LED lights, Celluma Light Therapy helps to accelerate healing, clear up skin, relieve pain, and improve wound healing. By utilizing specific wavelengths of light energy, Celluma is able to accelerate cellular growth and repair in compromised tissue and in skin plagued with acne, scarring, and other unwanted characteristics. At Chiltonic, we utilize Celluma to improve injury repair, relieve pain in soft tissue areas that have been damaged and need a jump start to improve, and help to clean up and repair skin. Ask us if Celluma is right for you!

What is it Used To Treat?

Celluma is often used to clear up skin and diminish scar tissue. Additionally, due to its pain-relieving properties, Celluma LED light therapy can be used to treat the pain caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis. While relieving pain, Celluma is also tested and shown to accelerate and improve healing in injured tissue. When compared to traditional healing methods, Celluma does not just treat the pain like modern medicine aims to do much of the time. Instead, it also aims to improve your body’s natural healing processes.


How Celluma Light Therapy Can Help You

If you are dealing with chronic pain or going through a recovery process, Celluma red LED light therapy may be able to help you recover and eliminate your pain. At Chiltonic in San Diego, we prioritize the wellness of our patients and consider Celluma a great opportunity for you to gain both relief and healing from chronic pain or pain as a result of injury. If you are looking to clear up your skin, Celluma is a great treatment option as well. For more information about this service, reach out to us today!