What You Can Do To Improve Icoone’s Results

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and if you don’t feel comfortable in your skin it can take a toll on your overall happiness. At Chiltonic, we are a cryotherapy provider specializing in non-surgical weight loss treatments and body sculpting procedures. One of our most popular body sculpting tools is Icoone Body Contouring, which focuses on targeting those specific, stubborn areas that traditional weight loss treatment cannot improve. This revolutionary technology is centered around micro-stimulation to boost the body’s circulation while draining unwanted liquids to reduce fat deposits. As a non-invasive procedure, many of our clients are excited to give Icoone Body Contouring a try. Keep reading to learn more about how you can maximize your Icoone results and book a session with our team today!

Preparation of the Skin Before

Before your Icoone Body Contouring procedure, some preparation of the skin must be done to improve your results. A micro-massage of the tissues can ensure that the skin is elastic and soft to maximize your drainage results.

Don’t Stop With One Session

While many of our clients feel and see results after one session of body sculpting with Icoone technology, we highly recommend five to ten sessions, twice a week to maximize your results.

Stay Away From Anything Inflammatory After Treatment

For optimal body sculpting results, Chiltonic suggests staying away from anything that is inflammatory or could cause bloating after your treatment session. Anything salty or fried food can allow for the fluid to move back in.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Beyond that, flushing your system with a lot of water is not only beneficial for staying hydrated, but it can also help rid your body of unwanted toxins aiding in the improvement of your results.

Don’t settle for less than the happiness you deserve. Chiltonic believes that everyone should feel confident and happy within their own skin. Our non-surgical weight loss treatments and cryotherapy services make us the leading provider in San Diego. If you are interested in seeing what the Icoone Body Contouring technology can do for you, contact our specialists at Chiltonic today!