What Parts of My Body Can The Icoone Machine Be Used On?

One of the most interesting and effective machines that is used in the process of bodily rejuvenation is the Icoone Machine. For those who are injured or are otherwise having difficulty losing weight through traditional diet and exercise, treatments utilizing the Icoone Machine can help increase blood flow in your body, help with lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate your skin, and more Learn more about where on your body this treatment is generally used from Chiltonic and contact our clinic today for more information and to schedule an appointment!


A more common occurrence when it comes to the physical shape of your body is the appearance of cellulite. Whether this occurs because of issues related to weight gain or just natural buildup as your body, it can be frustrating to get rid of and a site that can take a toll on your self-esteem. This often appears in the thighs and buttocks, which is one of the key parts of your body where the Icoone Machine can be of assistance.  

Body Shaping

Sometimes exercise and dieting aren’t enough to shape your body the way you want it. The Icoone Machine can be used all over your body where it uses microstimulation to activate cellular metabolism. This has the benefit of releasing the fat from fat cells, thus helping your body be rid of it. It can also be used to increase the production of collagen which helps to maintain tissue tone and help you on your way to shaping your silhouette.

Facial Skin

An area of your body with some of the most sensitive skin is your face. Though there are many ways that you can help maintain its integrity from hydration and creams to generally keeping it clean as much as possible. Iconne treatments can help not only slow the effects of aging that everyone faces over the course of their lives but can help to rejuvenate it, taking potential years off of your appearance and leaving you with smooth and healthy skin. 

Leg Health

No matter whether you spend most of your day on your feet or you live more of a sedentary lifestyle and spend your time sitting, the sheer force of gravity means blood and other bodily fluids have a tendency to build up in your lower extremities, possibly having a negative effect on circulation. The Icoone Machine is used to promote more circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. This can help reduce leg pain and generally make your legs feel lighter, making it a lot easier to get on your feet. 

The Icoone Machine is truly a fascinating and effective device when it comes to the ways in which it can help improve your health, rejuvenate your skin, and generally help with the quality of your life through non-invasive treatment. Make sure you don’t waste another minute without this fascinating piece of health technology when you contact Chiltonic to schedule an appointment today!