How Is Icoone Different From Other Non-Surgical Weight Loss Methods?

Icoone body contouring at Chiltonic is an excellent solution that provides a non-surgical alternative to losing weight. This non-surgical weight loss method is very different than other methods in a few key ways. Keep reading to learn four key ways Icoone differs and schedule your Icoone body sculpting non-surgical weight loss treatment at Chiltonic today.

Advanced Microstimulation

Icoone non-surgical weight loss treatments are much different than other non-surgical methods because our device uses advanced microstimulation. This process helps to mobilize cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, boost circulation, and drain fluids to reduce fat deposits. Additionally, Icoone non-surgical weight loss treatments help to break down fat molecules within the layers of skin. Other non-surgical weight loss methods do not provide the same level of microstimulation, circulation-boosting, or fat deposit reduction. Additionally, other non-surgical methods may require more treatments over a longer period of time to see results.

LED and Laser Light Sources

Icoone non-surgical weight loss treatments are also different because our device uses LED and laser light sources that can be used together or separately. This feature helps to precisely target areas where fat is more resistant to diet and exercise. Non-surgical weight loss methods that do not use LED or laser light sources are not as precise and may take longer to see results. Additionally, non-surgical weight loss methods that use LED or laser light sources without microstimulation may not be as effective in breaking down fat molecules.

Recovery Time

Lastly, Icoone differs from other treatments in terms of recovery time. This non-surgical method requires no downtime so you can return to your normal activities immediately following your treatment. Other non-surgical methods may require a few days to a week of recovery time.

Icoone Body Sculpting at Chiltonic

Icoone non-surgical weight loss treatments are an excellent solution for those who want to avoid surgery and still see results. If you’re ready to schedule your Icoone non-surgical weight loss treatment, contact us today.