Chiltonic has a variety of clients from sports athletes to weekend golfers and many more.

There is a long list of benefits that come from the use of cryotherapy. Below are clients who were eager to share with you how this ground breaking technology has brought an exciting change in their lives. We look forward to your first visit to Chiltonic of Encinitas.

Cryotherapy helps me train harder

Cryotherapy helps me train harder and lose weight before my big fights, and recover faster. I even visit Chiltonic between my sessions, it makes me feel refreshed and new. The staff is very pleasant, helpful, and welcoming. I hope to see you all because I will be visiting almost daily.


After a few times, I can really feel the results, unquestionably my skin feels softer.

After 4 sessions, I have felt a dramatic difference over the first few. It’s certainly a challenge to stay in the chamber for 3 minutes. but after my first time it got much easier. The more I use cryotherapy the more I understand how I am benefiting. I am convinced of the benefits it offers, and enjoy the simplicity at the same time.


I was really excited to try Chiltonic

After the first treatment I noticed a difference in my body. Cryotherapy helped with my inflammation and soreness. I also had more energy and I have since done it five times and I’m excited to continue and see the amazing results. I love that it also helps you burn more calories! Gretchen and Matt really make you feel comfortable and are very knowledgeable about all the benefits that Chiltonic can do for you.


Chiltonic helped me lose 17 pounds

I am really excited to say cryotherapy has played a big role in my weight loss goals. With the use of consistent treatments and a good workout regiment, I lost 17 pounds in just two months. Thank you Chiltonic for bringing this great technology to San Diego.


I did my first session, definitely not as bad as I thought

I did my first session, definitely not as bad as I thought it would be, I feel great, I have more energy than when I arrived. The soreness in my legs has begun to go away. I will be back for sure.


Chiltonic is part of my fitness routine

As a professional athlete, I need to keep my body in peak physical condition to maximize performance. I was introduced to cryotherapy after sustaining an injury but will never stop using it. It increases flexibility, speeds recovery, and improves my mental focus.


I have been coming to Chiltonic for a few months

I have been coming to Chiltonic for a few months now and am excited to say that because of it, I am pain free! I used to suffer from migraines & neck pain due to a broken neck and a herniated disc. My pain is gone and my energy levels have been improved immensely. Another great benefit that I have noticed from Cryotherapy is that I am sleeping really well again. I cannot say enough good things about Chiltonic and how it has improved my wellbeing!


My sleep improved almost immediately

My sleep improved almost immediately, within a week I was able to stop taking a prescription that I had been on for 10 years! As a side bonus, my skin is tightening, softening and firming up. Now, of course, cryotherapy is my new addiction.


Chiltonic sessions help me recover from my Orangetheory Fitness and Yoga workouts faster and better, allowing me to push forward and achieve new fitness goals.

After regular post-workout sessions for the first few weeks, I started sessions prior to my workouts. This was a game changer! I felt I had more stamina, strength and flexibility in my workouts and really saw an improvement in my performance. I’ve been thrilled with my Chiltonic experience not just for the improvement in my physical health, but also my general well being and mood. The Encinitas location has such an energetic, friendly staff and it’s really a pleasure to get in there and chill as often as possible!

Lauren F.

As a scratch golfer who plays three times per week…

I was recommended to try cryotherapy by my chiropractor. I was experiencing yet another bout of low back pain and dealing with a rotator cuff injury. After just a few sessions, my pain was drastically reduced and I had greater flexibility & mobility. I signed up for their monthly membership over a year ago and I cannot imagine living without it. I typically visit Chiltonic three times per week and have experienced a significant decrease in the occurrence of back spasms & my shoulder injury is completely healed. I also have better rotation especially if I get in prior to playing. The staff is always welcoming and they have accommodated me off hours prior to tournament qualification. Another added bonus is it definitely helps refresh the body and mind after a late poker night with the guys!  I highly recommend Chiltonic.

Jeff H.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis three years ago.

Initially I had severe swelling of hands and feet, terrible pain, extreme fatigue and exhaustion. My doctor put me on all the traditional medications. Whenever possible, I prefer to combine my medications with other alternatives. A friend of mine with RA recommended a place she goes to called Chiltonic for cryotherapy. I began going to Chiltonic one year ago and it has helped me with my overall fatigue, exhaustion and well being. The owners of Chiltonic, Gretchen and Matthew are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They always hire wonderful staff — I look forward to going there and always feel better when I leave. I highly recommend cryotherapy at Chiltonic for anyone diagnosed with RA to reduce body aches & overall fatigue and overall well-being.

Susan L.

Being a professional fighter, my body endures a tremendous amount in my training and fights.

With intense strength and conditioning sessions along with sparring and grappling, I always find myself hobbling into Chiltonic, but after 3 minutes of cryotherapy I walk out with a pep in my step and ready to go back to the gym for more. Since adding cryotherapy to my training regiment, my recovery time and soreness have decreased immensely allowing me to really get the most out of my training and perform at the highest level. It leaves my body feeling loose, renewed, and refreshed after every session as well as revving up my metabolism to help with my weight cuts. I was never a fan of the cold before, but cryotherapy has changed that. Now I look forward to being freezing …but only for 3 minutes and at Chiltonic.

Tiffany V.

I love cryotherapy!

As a competitive triathlete, training everyday can be tough, then going to work and waking up to do it all over again just seems overwhelming at times. I look forward to Chiltonic because it’s refreshing! My legs are “heavy” more often than not, but 3 minutes at Chiltonic has me energized and ready for my next session!

Melanie W.

Cryotherapy has changed my life and my ability to manage pain and depression.

I am a 2 time Cancer survivor and I suffer from chronic pain. It has also helped me with my singing ability and increased my range by reducing the inflammation in my vocal cords. Matt, Gretchen and the whole Chiltonic family are some of the most supportive and generous people I have ever met and they make my experience special each time.

Niani W.

When people ask me what keeps me going to cryotherapy I respond “the people.”

Inevitably I receive a confused look to which I respond that without question cryotherapy speeds my recovery time as an athlete and makes me feel awesome. But my decision to go to Chiltonic is for two reasons, the first and less important being I have tried numerous machines and theirs are the best. The second and more important is Chiltonic is the absolute best place to meet interesting, successful people. These days widespread technology and outsourcing have made good customer service a lost art. However, I think there will always be a place for authentic, good service and the culture Matt and Gretchen have created is the best example I’ve come across.

Michael J.

I originally tried Chiltonic to get rid of chronic back pain…

The back pain is gone and cryotherapy is now a regular part of my fitness routine. I go several times a week and have never felt better. I no longer need two days to recover from an intense workout. An added benefit is the marked improvement in my quality of sleep. Thanks to Gretchen, Matt, and the whole Chiltonic crew for being so great (and fun) to work with!

Shawn H.