Four Ways Chiltonic Can Help You Heal

At Chilitonic, it is our mission to provide clients with our numerous healing services. Depending on what you are dealing with, our staff can help your body recover from things such as intense exercise, drainage issues, vitamin deficiencies, and much more. Contact our Encinitas, CA location to have an expert take a look at you today!


Recovering with cryotherapy is one thing many athletes do after intense exercise, as it may help with inflammation and other ailments. This therapy involves you being placed inside a chamber, having everything below your neck exposed to extremely cold pressurized liquid nitrogen. This gives your body similar effects to an ice bath, without the cold water, while working faster.

Lymphatic Drainage

If your body is currently dealing with drainage issues, our Lympathic Drainage massage may be the perfect solution. Our Star Lymphactive presso-massage is 10x more effective than traditional “Drainage” massages at enhancing the natural processes of your internal organs. This process delivers a detoxifying treatment that sculpts body tissues by reducing trapped lymph and water.

Therapeutic Massage

Are you currently dealing with body pain, water retention, or constipation? Get rid of these feelings with a therapeutic massage! We use a special cryo and thermal wand to massage your body, treating a localized area with warm and cold therapy. The cold helps to reduce inflammation, while the warm brings relaxation and relief to the muscle.

IV Vitamin Drips & Injections From pH Drip Labs

If you are the average individual, your body is likely deficient in the many vitamins we need to stay healthy. Our IV vitamin therapy is the perfect way to replace lost vitamins and minerals to boost your nutritional status. This process allows for 100% absorption through the bloodstream, meaning you are adequately receiving the nutrients you need!

If you feel that your body requires some amazing recovery services, look no further than our therapy clinic, Chiltonic. We have everything you need to bring your body back to its full potential. Visit us online and book your appointment today!